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About Us

Our Story …so Far

David Protective Services is a trusted, minority-owned security guard company founded in 2019 in DFW, TX. We provide security services for government, residential, commercial, Logistic & Manufacturing Center locations in TX.
Throughout our years of experience, we have established a reputation of excellence, in each of the clients we serve by honing on our superior security guard service and through our ability to produce the right security solutions for our client’s specific needs and budgets. Here at DPS we are one of the leading security services in the DFW area. We provide proactive, pragmatic, and responsive first-class customer service. We believe in providing Sound, Seasonal, and Honorable Security Services that ‘Work for YOU.’

The Standard is the Standard

Here at DPS, our Owner believes in Providing Honorable Security Service. Hiring Officer that has Respect, one that shows Resilience, and can be Responsible for themselves and have a Zeal for the Job and duties at hand. Our clients will get more than just a Virtuous Security Officer, you get the whole company, relational Security that “Works for You”. With 24-hour, 7 days per week dedicated management staff, you’ve assured the consistency of quality service / over quality, unmatched in the industry.

Whatever your angle or your need for Security we can handle the task. David Protective Services, Inc

Security that works for you…

Company License number B15808901

Our History

In 2019, David Protective Service was established in the DFW Metroplex area. Over time, DPS has grown to become one of the leading provided Security Services in the area. We have based our Believes on Security Services that “Works for You”. Whatever is your angle or need being we can complete the task!

Our Mission

We Believe in Providing Honorable Security Service that “Works for You”! Security Service that fits the Client’s needs, but also provides Officers that fit the profile of the Client’s. Providing Officers that understand their job, but also understand the Variation of your Business. A Security Company that Works Hand in Hand with You.

24/7 Service For you

David Protective Service, LLC

Innovative Security that Works for You!


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That's the Reason We're Here

David Protective Service’s philosophy goes beyond satisfying the terms of the contract. We are committed to meet the ever-increasing needs and demands of our clients, and we make a major investment in time and resources for all our clients. DPS also maintains an emphasizes on an open-door policy for the benefit of our clients and our employees. We are available twenty-four (24) hours per day/seven (7) days a week to discuss and resolve any concerns regarding our service.

Trained Security Force

We employ a security force of licensed officers and serve a diverse range of clients including local government, commercial, industrial, and residential accounts. We are determined no post will ever go uncovered and have systems in place to ensure this goal.

Never Compromising Quality over Quantity

At DPS, we maintain quality assurance throughout our contracts with our clients. We pay diligent attention to every client and ensure our entire team performs to the highest level. This drive for excellence allows us to provide an efficient, cost-effective security officer program.

We make Security Straightforward

With our Ingenuity, and knowledge of the Security Industries, we bring a simple but straightforward strategy that make every Process of our industry "Work for You".
Thats us bringing in the Best infrastructure, personnel, technology equipment, and systems that make our industry Thrive, so our Clients & Officers can Achieve the ultimate Success. Our objective is to alleviate our clients workloads by taking one task off of their desk, that is Truly Providing Security Services that "Works for You"

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